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Corsi d'inglese a Londra

Scuola d'inglese a Londra

Curso de ingles a Londres

Cours d'anglais a Londres



Intensive language classes in London

Not sure about your level? Check it here!

Intensive classes - one week intensive training

Why go intensive?
If you are traveling shortly to any language speaking country, it is a good idea to learn a few basics or to brush up existing knowledge!
Our courses are designed to maximise learning in a short time, of course you are welcome to take more than one week to deepen, strengthen your ability


Intensive classes starting every Monday

Private intensive 2012

Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese lessons and courses in London

10 hours £290 in one week Monday to Friday
15 hours £350 in one week Monday to Friday


Discounted Italian, French, German, Spanish intensive classes

15 hours £150 in one week Monday to Friday

- The course will start within 4 week of booking and you will be added to an existing class

1 week course

From Monday to Friday

15 hours in Total
These classes have between 2 and 6 students


language intensive course london